Motic Microscopes AE2000 Trino Inverted Biosciences Lab Microscope HD Microscope Camera Offer

Motic Microscopes AE2000 Trinocular Inverted
  • Routine laboratory
  • Clinical inverted microscopy
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • University biosciences
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Motic AE2000 Series – Routine and Live Cell Inverted Microscope with HD Microscope Camera

Impressive performance & affordable inverted microscopy.  Motic Microscopes AE2000 Inverted Microscope. Designed for routine live cell imaging.  Providing reliable cost efficient microscopy solutions with excellent optical & mechanical performance.

MMS Microscopes are approved Motic UK Importers. We will provide an itemised Motic quotation to meet your precise application requirements.

  • Routine laboratory
  • Clinical inverted microscopy
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • University biosciences
  • Forensic sciences
  • USB3.1 USB2 or Wi Fi Moticam options PC / Mac compatible
  • Expert Microscopy Support & UK Installation Service
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Motic Microscopes AE2000 Trinocular Inverted System Comprises :-

  • Trinocular head Siedentopf type 45° inclined, 360° swiveling (Light split 100:0/20:80)
  • Widefield high eyepoint eyepieces N-WF 10X/20mm with diopter adjustment and rubber eyecups
  • Side facing quadruple nosepiece
  • CCIS Plan Achromatic objectives PL 4X,
  • LWD PL 40X CCIS Plan Achromatic
  • Phase objectives PL Ph10X, LWD PL Ph20X
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustment
  • Hard coated stage with metal and glass stage inserts
  • ELWD condenser N.A. 0.30
  • Phase slider Ph1, BF
  • Phase centering telescope
  • Halogen illumination 6V/30W with intensity control and sleeping mode
  • Power supply 100V-240V (CE)
  • 45mm blue, green interference and neutral density filters with filter slider
  • Allen hexagonal key, vinyl dust cover, (EU or UK) power cord
  • Optional LED Light Source also available for Motic AE2000
  • Motic AE2000 T Ref Code:110010380054
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Motic AE2000 With 1080 HD Camera Offer

Motic AE2000 With 1080 Live HD Camera + 8 Megapixel image capture



Moticam Pro S5 Lite Science research Microscope camera with AE 2000 Inverted Microscope


  • Motic AE 2000 Accessories – Options:-
  • ELWD condenser n.A. 0.30 (WD=72mm)
  • LWD Condenser N.A.0.40 (WD=53mm)
  • Condenser N.A. 0.50 (WD=28mm)
  • Optional LED module 6V/3W 4500°K +/-300°K
  • Optional LED module 6V/3W 6000°K +/-300°K
  • Empty 3-position phase slider, centerable
  • Phase ring Ph0 (4x)
  • Phase ring Ph1
  • Phase centering telescope
  • Glass stage insert
  • Metal stage insert
  • Auxiliary stages (2 pieces)
  • Attachable mechanical stage with well plate holder (128 x 86mm)
  • Ø 35mm Petri dish holder (only applicable with 1101000200262)
  • Ø 54mm Petri dish holder
  • Ø 65mm Petri dish holder
  • Hemacytometer holder (35 x 76mm)
  • 96 Well plate
Microscope Camera Interface
  • 1X C-mount camera adapter (no lens)
  • 0.5X C-mount camera adapter for 1/3″ and 1/2″ chip sensors
  • 0.65X C-mount camera adapter for 2/3″ chip sensors
    Photo adapter (requires one of the photo eyepieces below)
  • 2.5X photo eyepiece (to be used with Photo adapter)
  • 4X photo eyepiece (to be used with Photo adapter)
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Microscope Filter Options
  • Blue filter (Ø 45mm)
  • Green interference filter (Ø 45mm)
  • Neutral density filter with mount (Ø 45mm)
  • Ground glass filter (Ø 45mm)
  • Didymium filter (Ø 45mm)