Ring light LED Microscope Light illumination for Stereo Zoom Microscopes

Microscope Ring light – LED & Halogen Light illumination for Stereo Zoom Microscopes

Correct illumination for your microscopy application is critical. Providing solutions for all inspection tasks from component inspection through to bio dissection. MMS Microscopes are pleased to offer our knowledge & experience. 

We will be pleased to assist with your application demands. Providing free advice and a competitive quotation for your application.

  • Photonic light sources – LED / Hi Intensity / Halogen
  • Segmented LED ring lights – Various diameters & intensity levels
  • microscope light guides – Single, Twin Swanneck & Flexible light
  • Schott microscope light source range – Halogen & LED
  • Suitable for Leica Microsystems S Series / M Series 58mm, 60mm & 80mm range
  • Illumination solutions for all microscopes & budgets
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