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Welcome to the MMS Microscopes web site. Benefit from 40 years experience in the supply, installation & support of microscopy & industry inspection solutions. Our diverse customers reflect the variety of applications that exist in the microscopy world. From hobby microscopists to World renowned organisations equipping laboratories to control diseases spread across continents. Industry inspection to Bio dissection, whatever the application and budgetary challenges, MMS are here to provide expert & free advice. Online assistance & additional purchase incentives are available during the Covid -19 Crisis.

  • Laboratory & Clinical Microscopy
  • Science Education Microscopes
  • Industrial inspection & Failure Analysis
  • Materials sample preparation
  • Microscope camera imaging solutions
  • Microscope light – LED & Halogen
  • Precision component measurement

MMS Microscopes supply quality products, with professional support, at competitive prices. Established in 2006, after many years within the field of microscopy & metrology. We value our developing trusted partnerships with our customers & approved suppliers.  Approved Motic microscopes UK importer & distributor for 15 years. We also provide component assistance & advice for all major microscope brands. So if you have an issue with your Leica, Nikon or Zeiss microscope – Please do contact MMS to discuss. We will endeavour to advise or provide a solution. 


Digital Lab Microscope - Motic Panthera L
Moticam 1080 HDMI Microscope Camera