4K Microscope camera HDMI & USB3.0 Interfaces


  • 4K Microscope Camera
  • Live 4K HDMI output to 4K / HD Screen
  • View & Capture to Memory Stick from monitor
  • USB3.00 to PC connection via supplied software
  • Sony IMX183C CMOS 4K Sensor
  • Software for PC Image Capture
  • Software Feature measure tools
  • Software large image manual scan & capture
  • Software EDF Manual all in focus imaging
  • Attachable 11.6″ HD screen option
  • Excellent 4K Performance & Value Buy Direct from MMS


  • True Chrome 4K Microscope Camera with software (PC)
  • Live HDMI Output with 4K / Standard HD Compatible
  • 4K Image Capture via USB 3 Port / Memory Stick
  • USB3.0 Interface for control via PC Software
  • Measurement & Enhancement Software Included
  • Feature Measure, EDF & Large Image Stitching Included

Microscopy applications demanding high resolution image inspection with live 4K viewing of detailed micro images. Training & education microscopy applications where maximum detail & image resolution is imperative.

TrueChrome 4K Pro meets the needs of medical laboratory & industrial inspection applications. Also clean room areas that often need to separate operators from operating areas to avoid unnecessary contact or contamination.

Connecting your Microscope with the 4K Pro camera to a 4K Screen for live 4K microscopy. Also compatible with standard HD Resolution monitors with HDMI Interface. An attachable 11.6″ HD screen option is also available, details on request.

Control the camera & capture the microscope image to a PC computer running the included Mosaic V2 software. Additional software features include

  • EDF – Extra Depth Focusing
  • Manual Image Stitching
  • Feature measurement
  • Feature Counting

Mosaic V2 software enables the microscopist / inspector to remotely control all features of the camera, for example remotely viewing microscope during inspection tasks.

The 4K Pro camera can deliver high speeds of up to 30 FPS @ 4K full image resolution.

Capture the 4K image – Discover the 4K reality

4K Microscopy

4K Microscope Camera HDMI USB3 from MMS Microscopes