MMS Microscopes / Motic Microscopes NEWS Release

  •  Motic Panthera Koehler models
  • Wi-fi Digital Microscope – Panthera DL
  • FLED Fluorescence intermediate modules

Introducing an additional 2 Koehler & 1 integrated digital microscope options. These are now available direct from Motic Panthera experts MMS Microscopes.

Unique microscope design features

Full koehler illumination with intelligent LED light control & coded quintuple nosepiece . A compound microscope range developed for bioscience education, Hospital & laboratory microscopy departments.

  • Motic Panthera U is now also available with full Koehler illumination. Model reference is Panthera KU
  • Motic Panthera C with both Halogen & LED light modules for full koehler illumination, is now also available with the Panthera Coded nosepiece as Model Reference Panthera CC
  • Motic Panthera L – The Digital HDMI Lab microscope with internal storage a popular choice within the digital microscopy solution market. Perfect for Lab microscopy screening, digital imaging & live image presentation applications.
  • Motic Panthera L is now joined by a new digital version Panthera DL
  • Motic Panthera DL with integrated 4 Megapixel Wi-Fi camera. linking wirelessly via the app to your ipad / tablet or mobile device for live lab microscopy imaging. The sensor is based on the popular Moticam X3 Wi-Fi camera.
  • New LED Epi Fluorescence Microscopy modules for Panthera range

Furthermore new LED Fluorescence modules are now available for Motic Panthera microscopes. These intermediate LED Epi Fluorescence modules expand the potential for your lab microscopy demands. Suitable for all Panthera microscopes except Panthera E. Details are available on our main Panthera model product pages.

Please do contact MMS Microscopes ( For expert Motic Panthera support from enquiry through to installation.