Stereo Microscope – Industrial Inspection to Entomology & Forensic Investigation

Though significant the Stereo Microscope market is much more diverse than just Industrial / Microelectronics inspection. MMS Microscopes offer a wide range of stereo zoom microscope models to suit almost every stereo microscope application & budget.

From Entomology to Embryology, Dissection to Discussion & Forensic investigation, the MMS Microscopes stereo microscope range offers great value and excellent optical performance.

From the low cost change over stereo microscopes of the Motic Microscopes Education Line. With Motic K Series & SMZ140 / SMZ 168 range built on solid build quality and performance. Onto the latest Motic Microscopes SMZ 161 & SMZ 171 series stereo zoom microscopes that offer numerous modular configurations to suit your application. Long arm stands and flex arm stands with longer working distance objectives & higher magnification eyepieces, digital microscope camera attachments & DSLR microscope mounts are all options available from MMS Microscopes.

Motic K Series CMO range of stereo microscopes design is almost identical to the Wild M Series. Later to become the Leica M Series. Some components are retrofittable to these models, making the addition of a digital camera or a drawing microscope attachment to a Wild or Leica M Series stereo more affordable.

Share your view with Motic DSK 500 Discussion dual head training microscope. Based on the K Series range with dual viewing binocular heads. A range of 5 magnification steps & an illuminated pointer + the option to add a digital microscope camera. Offering an affordable solution to stereo microscopy training compared to alternatives on the market place

Key features of the MMS Microscopes stereo microscope bench stands have built in LED illumination. Incident / transmitted light that is energy efficient & no lamp replacement cost. However if you prefer a Microscope light source, please take a look at our illumination tabs with standard Led ring lights. Schott fibre optic light sources & light guides. Also Photonic light sources and light guides often rebadged by other manufacturers as their own products. If you prefer a halogen microscope light source then the Photonic PL 3000 & Schott Halogen light source are also available

What you see is what you get!

We do not confuse the user with numerous parts that add huge cost to a quoted system, all our stereo zoom microscopes are offered as a package and include everything necessary to start your microscopy investigation straight out of the box.

If you don’t see what you want to get?

Mail / Call Us – We are happy to advise you on other manufactures products. With past experiences of working within larger organisations and knowing their strengths & weaknesses – We are here to assist you in your decision.

Moticam Microscope Camera / Tablet BTU8 with SMZ 161 T Trino stereo zoom microscope

Moticam BTU8 Tablet Microscope camera with Motic SMZ 161 T Trino stereo zoom microscope

Motic Microscopes K 400P CMO stereo microscope

Motic Microscopes K 400P CMO Stereo Microscope

Motic SMZ 171 TLED stereo microscope with moticam

Motic SMZ 171 TLED stereo microscope with moticam

Schott KL 1600 LED Light Source with Twin Gooseneck light guides

Schott KL 1600 LED Light Source with Twin Gooseneck light guides

Motic DSK-500 Stereo Discussion Microscope

Motic DSK-500 Stereo Discussion / Training Microscope