Stereo Microscope LED Ring light Motic 60T Segmented



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Microscope LED Ring light Motic 60T (dimmable and segmented)

  • 60 LED Ring light for stereo inspection microscope
  • 4-segmentation selection
  • Intensity control (for complete ring only)
  • 6500ºK color temperature (CE)
  • Maximum luminance 20.000 lux at 100mm working distance
  • Life time up to 25.000 hours
  • Covers a working distance from 50 – 150mm
  • Dimensions, outer Ø 102mm, inner Ø 60mm, height 29mm
  • Adaptable to SFC-11, SMZ-140, SMZ161, SMZ-168, SMZ 171 and K series
  • 3 fixing screws to attach to objective / stereo microscope bottom lens shield
  • Adapts to Leica M Series Leica S Series Nikon SMZ Zeiss & Olympus Stereo Microscopes with 60mm or less diameter Objective
  • Receive this Led ring-light half price when purchased with a stereo zoom microscope from MMS Microscopes