Photonic LED Stereo Microscope Ringlight 80 LED Hi Intensity 66mm & 58mm

  • Photonic 66 / 80 Hi Intensity Ring-light
  • 66mm Diameter / Leica M Series Objectives compatible
  • 80 LED Hi Intensity Ring light Output
  • Segmented & Fixed ring illumination options
  • 58mm ID Adapter to suit smaller diameter Objectives
  • 80mm Adapter for Leica M Series Objective fitting
  • Leica Microsystems LED 1000 Range Equivelent
  • Polariser / Analyser attachment option


Photonic LED Ringlight system for stereo zoom microscopes

Compact and energy efficient stereo microscope LED ringlight.  Featuring fixed & segmented LED ringlight options.  Even surface light for stereo zoom microscopes.  Energy efficient & hi intensity LED microscope light.

  • Photonic 66 / 80 segmented LED ringlight.
  • High intensity microscope ring illumination
  • Variable angle of illumination
  • Designed for 66mm diameter Leica Stereo zoom microscope objective
  • Adapters available for 58mm & 80mm diameter microscope objectives
  • M45 & M55 adapters to fit 66mm Ringlight also available
  • Set includes:- Compact controller for intensity & segmented switching
  • Mains adapter / UK / EU / International power supply unit
  • Standard 66 / 40 fixed / segmented LED ringlight also available
Leica Microscope compatible LED Ringlight
  • Leica Stereo zoom range M50, M60, M80, M125 M165C & M205C
  • Suitable for 66mm diameter Leica M Series Objective
  • 66 – 80mm adapter for 80mm Leica M Series Objective
  • Also adapts to Nikon SMZ series,
  • Olympus SZ51 SZ61
  • Zeiss Stemi Stereo microscope
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    Photonic LED Ring Spot System

    Photonic LED Ring Spot System