Document / Print / Forensic microscope examination with oblique lighting

Examination of historical documents, books and suspected forgeries often require closer inspected under a stereo zoom or digital microscope. Where fine detail of surface and indent impressions is essential. This can be greatly assisted by a good quality microscope light.

A strong oblique line light module, that is attachable to a flexible & gooseneck light guide. Perfect for document examination is available from optical inspection microscope specialists MMS Microscopes.

Stereo microscope light

Flexible & “Goose neck” style light guides, also microscope ring-lights that will adapt to your existing microscope. Add a polariser attachment to enhance image quality, view ayers & remove bright spots & shadow.

Why not upgrade your existing Halogen light source to the latest LED technology? Check the latest Microscope LED Light here

Light source compatible with all microscopes

MMS fibre light source range is compatible with Leica microsystems stereo zoom range S6 S9 M50 M60 M80 M125 M165 & M205. Nikon Microscopes SMZ range, Olympus  Motic SMZ & Zeiss Stemi Stereo Zoom microscope series.

The light guides and for that matter light source range are compatible with the Leica CLS range.

For free advice & a competitive quotation, if you are considering updating your stereo microscope lighting contact MMS Microscopes

Image overlay & comparison is possible with Motic Trace comparison software, a low cost entry into document forgery image comparison.

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