Motic Microscopes SMZ 171 – TLED 7.5x – 50x Trinocular Inspection Stereo zoom Microscope


Motic SMZ 171-TLED Stereozoom Microscope 7.5x – 50x with Trinocular Photo Port / LED Incident & Transmitted Illumination ( Excludes Camera & Mount Shown)  CONTACT MMS MICROSCOPES HERE 


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Motic Microscopes SMZ 171 Stereo Zoom microscope

Motic SMZ 171 series from Motic Microscopes UK importer MMS Microscopes.  Optically improved recent addition to the well established Motic SMZ Stereo range. In addition new features that include surface materials for ESD resistance also optimised LED illumination. A versatile Stereo microscope for a variety of biological and material science applications.

Motic SMZ 171-TLED Stereo zoom Microscope system comprises:-

  • Greenough zoom optical system
  • Trinocular head, 45° inclined, 360° rotating
    (100:0 (eyetubes), 0:100 (right eyetube/trinocular tube) optical split)
  • Super WF 10x / 23mm Wide-field eyepieces (Pair)
  • 6.7:1 Zoom ratio, Standard Working Distance =110mm
  • Objective magnification range: 0.75x – 5x (7.5x – 50x Zoom with 10x WF Eyepieces)
  • SMZ 171 Pole Stand with Large working area & Head holder
  • Coarse focusing system with tension adjustment
  • 3W incident and transmitted LED illumination with independent intensity control Main supply 100V-240V (CE)
  • Transmitted light with tilting reflector (oblique illumination) Option to adapt flexible light guide
  • Black/White and frosted glass stage plates and dust cover
  • (Price Listed Excludes Moticam Digital Camera & C Mount Shown)
  • Options :-
  • Moticam 1080 digital camera with live HDMI out / SD Card 8.0 MP Image Capture & USB 2 output to a PC running software
  • Moticam Wi-Fi Camera for Image capture and feature measurement on a tablet
  • DSLR Camera Photo Adaption Kit
  • C Mounts to adapt Moticam Microscope Camera / C Mount Camera


MOTICAM X3 Wi-Fi Microscope Camera

MOTICAM X3 Wi-Fi Microscope Camera



Motic 1080 Live HD Microscope camera

Motic 1080 Live HD Microscope camera


Accessories for SMZ Series Include:-

  • 10x, 15x & 20x WF Eyepieces – To Extend Magnification Range
  • Objectives – 0.3x, 0.5x,0.63x,0.75x.1.5x, 2.0x – To increase working distance / Increase / Decrease Magnification
  • Various Eyepiece Reticles
  • 2106K: Gliding stage
  • For smooth multidirectional movement of the sample, a 360° rotatable gliding stage can be mounted onto the base plate of a Plain or Transmitted light stand.
  • 2106K Gliding stage for stereo microscope
  • Mechanical x/y-stage with optional rotatable insert
  • An attachable x/y-stage with 150x100mm travel enables a precise bidirectional move- meant.
  • Supplied with Black & White Plate / Frosted Glass Plate
  • Manual Rotatory Plate for mechanical stage


Stereo Zoom Microscope Motic SMZ 171 Zoom Magnification range and Working distance data - "Click to zoom"

Stereo Zoom Microscope Motic SMZ 171 Zoom Magnification range and Working distance data – “Click to zoom”






Motic SMZ Stereo Zoom Microscope Options Include:-