Motic Microscopes Panthera Lab Microscope – intelligent microscopy

An introduction to Motic Panthera range of laboratory compound microscopes. Panthera microscopes are available from UK Motic Microscopes Importer MMS Microscopes. Suitable for a variety of applications.  Typically within University biosciences education departments, Laboratory microscopy / digital imaging, Hospital lab screening departments & Veterinary pathology sciences.

An introduction to the Panthera microscope model range:-
Panthera E & E2 – Entry Level –  Laboratory compound microscope / University biosciences microscopy.

Motic Panthera E Microscope available with either a Binocular or Trinocular viewing head, supplied as standard with the latest Plan Super Contrast (SC) 4x, 10x, 40x & 100x (Oil) Objectives.  Panthera E stand is a compact & efficient design with a fixed Koehler LED light source and built in low position rackless mechanical stage. The stand includes an integrated USB port as standard.  A range of BF & Phase objectives to customise your new microscope are also available.

Motic panthera E & E2 Trino Bioscience Microscope

Motic panthera E & E2 Trino Education Bioscience Microscope


Motic Panthera E2 a new higher specification variation is now also available with UC Optics

Intermediate Laboratory / University Biosciences Compound Microscopy  – Motic Panthera C & C2

Motic Panthera C2 Laboratory Microscope is delivered with the impressive Plan Ultra Contrast (UC) Objectives. 10x WF UC Eyepieces with a 22mm Field of View. Panthera rackless stage with dual slide holder for improving workflow.

Motic Light Tracer intensity display, Coded Nosepiece & Intelligent LED Light Intensity management on each objective. The option to add Epi Fluorescence FLED Modules. Phase Contrast Slider and Full Phase Turret Condenser is also available.

Motic Panthera C & C2 Trino Lab Microscope

Motic Panthera C & C2 Trino Lab Microscope

A Classical Microscopy solution with Koehler illumination  – Motic Microscopes Panther C Compound Microscope

Motic Panthera C Clinical / Lab Microscope offers Full Koehler Illumination with Quintuple Nosepiece fitted with the exceptional ultra contrast Plan UC Objectives producing a clear high resolution image with a choice of 3W LED & 30W Halogen lighting options included. The microscopist may easily select the preferred colour temperature from LED or traditional halogen illumination with the Panthera C. Manual intensity control with standard quintuple nosepiece.

Options include Phase Contrast, dark field & FLED Fluorescence illumination techniques.

The Digital Smart Lab Microscope – Panthera L

The Motic Panthera L Digital Laboratory Microscope specification is similar to the Motic Panthera C with the added Digital microscopy featuring an Integrated 5MP Imaging on device with QR Link. With WiFi output to view and capture digital microscope images direct to your tablet or mobile device. Live HDMI Output to display a live FULL HD image onto an HDMI Monitor in High Definition – 5GB Internal Memory, USB Port to capture images to a memory stick or add a keyboard and mouse – LAN to Connect your Panthera L to a local network – Coded Nosepiece with pre calibrated measurement positions on each objective. Intelligent Light Intensity control settings.

If feature measurements are important to you, the Panthera L is an excellent choice. All calibrations are stored and automatically recalled when changing objective power.

Motic Panthera DL – Digital Wi-Fi Microscope

Digital laboratory microscope with integrated Wi-Fi sensor. Producing a live image resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels onto your tablet / ipad. Image capture resolution of 4.0 Megapixels via the Motic app. View capture & feature measure on your tablet with the Panthera DL Lab microscope.

Motic Panthera DL from MMS Microscopes

If you require a microscope quotation or wish to discuss your application & budgetry requirements further please mail us – or call / text Cliff Wayland on 07899 940919

Motic Panthera L - The Digital Smart Lab Microscope

Motic Panthera L – The Digital Smart Lab Microscope

Motic Panthera LED Tracer Quintuple Nosepiece

Motic Panthera LED Tracer Quintuple Nosepiece

Motic Panthera Microscope Nosepiece & Dual Slide Holder / Rackless Stage

Motic Panthera Microscope Nosepiece & Dual Slide Holder / Rackless Stage