Motic Microscopes Panthera Lab Microscope – intelligent microscopy

Motic Panthera range of laboratory compound microscopes, available from UK Motic Microscopes Importer MMS Microscopes. Suitable for a variety of applications.  Typically within university biosciences education departments, Lab microscopy / digital imaging, hospital screening & Veterinary sciences.

Here is a brief introduction to the Panthera microscope model range:-

Panthera E – Entry Level –  Laboratory compound microscope / University biosciences microscopy.

Motic Panthera E Microscope available with either a Binocular or Trinocular viewing head, supplied as standard with the latest Plan Super Contrast (SC) range of Objectives. No oil immersion / high magnification with the new Motic 100x/0.8 Dry Objective option. Saving time both in the dispensing and also cleaning of the standard 100x (oil) Objective. Panthera E stand includes an integrated USB port as standard.  Phase Contrast & Darkfield slider options are also available.

Motic panthera E Trino Bioscience Microscope

Motic panthera E Trino Education Bioscience Microscope

Intermediate Laboratory / University Biosciences Compound Microscopy  – Motic Panthera U

Motic Panthera U Laboratory Microscope fitted with the impressive Plan Ultra Contrast (UC) Objectives with a 22mm Field of View, Rackless stage with dual slide holder improving workflow, Motic Light Tracer intensity display, Coded Nosepiece & Intelligent LED Light Intensity Control on each objective. The option to add Epi Fluorescence FLED Modules. Phase Contrast Slider and Full Phase Turret Condenser is also available.

Motic Panthera U Trino Lab Microscope

Motic Panthera U Trino Lab Microscope

A Classical Microscopy solution with Koehler illumination  – Motic Microscopes Panther C Compound Microscope

Motic Panthera C Clinical / Lab Microscope offers Full Koehler Illumination with Quintuple Nosepiece fitted with the exceptional ultra contrast Plan UC Objectives   producing a clear high resolution image with a choice of 3W LED & 30W Halogen lighting options included. The microscopist may easily select the preferred colour temperature from LED or traditional halogen illumination with the Panthera C & L.  A smooth Rackless Stage with dual slide holder is fitted as standard. Options include Phase Contrast, dark field & FLED Fluorescence illumination techniques.

The Digital Smart Lab Microscope – Panthera L

The Motic Panthera L Digital Laboratory Microscope specification is similar to the Motic Panthera C with the added Digital microscopy featuring an Integrated Imaging on device with QR Link, WiFi to view and capture digital microscope images direct to your tablet or mobile device – HDMI Out to display a live FULL HD image onto an HDMI Monitor in High Definition – 5GB Internal Memory, USB Port to capture images to a memory stick or add a keyboard and mouse – LAN to Contact your Panthera L to a local network – Coded Nosepiece with pre calibrated measurement positions on each objective. Intelligent Light Intensity control settings.

Motic Panthera DL – Digital Wi-Fi Microscope

Digital laboratory microscope with integrated Wi-Fi sensor. Producing a live image resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels onto your tablet / ipad. Image capture resolution of 4.0 Megapixels via the Motic app. View capture & feature measure on your tablet with the Panthera DL Lab microscope.

Motic Panthera DL from MMS Microscopes

If you require a microscope quotation or wish to discuss your application & budgetry requirements further please mail us – or call / text Cliff Wayland on 07899 940919

Motic Panthera L - The Digital Smart Lab Microscope

Motic Panthera L – The Digital Smart Lab Microscope

Motic Panthera LED Tracer Quintuple Nosepiece

Motic Panthera LED Tracer Quintuple Nosepiece

Motic Panthera Microscope Nosepiece & Dual Slide Holder / Rackless Stage

Motic Panthera Microscope Nosepiece & Dual Slide Holder / Rackless Stage