Motic PSM-1000 Semiconductor modular microscope

Semiconductor microscope OEM LWD optical system for laser inspection and repair. A high quality system with optical performance, precision mechanics & Long Working Distances objectives.

Motic PSM-1000  3-lens turret that allows the user to switch from visual inspection to laser work. With optical lenses 1X UV/, 1X IR/VIS and 2X Bright field the spectrum from 355nm – 1064nm is covered. All optical components have a special coating for maximum transmission.

MMS Microscopes offer a wide range of Motic Apochromatic objectives, with magnifications from 2X to 100X.

  • Apochromatic Extra Long Working Distance (ELWD) objectives
  • Apochromatic Extra Long Working Distance (ELWD) objectives with parfocality adjustment; eliminates the need to re-focus when changing magnification.
  • Apochromatic Ultra Long Working Distance (ULWD) objectives 50X and 100X.

Main PSM 1000 features

  • Laser ready microscope system
  • Wavelength coverage from 355-1064nm
  • Upright image for easy manipulation work
  • Apochromatic ELWD, ELWD with parfocality adjustment or ULWD objectives
  • Incident illumination
  • Built-in camera port for documentation
  • Stand with compact footprint and mechanical stage available

 Motic Microscopes Wafer / Semiconductor Probe Station OEM Microscope