Motic Microscopes SMZ 171 BP & TP Stereo zoom Microscope 7.5x – 50x


Motic SMZ 171 stereo zoom microscope series usually in UK / European Warehouse stock for fast UK delivery.

Motic Microscopes Stereo Zoom SMZ 171 BP / SMZ 171 TP Specification comprises:-

  • Greenough zoom optical system
  • Binocular head, 45° inclined, 360° rotating (SMZ 171 BP)
  • Trnocular Head 45° inclined, 360° rotating (SMZ 171 TP)
  • Widefield eyepieces N – WF10X/23mm
  • 6.7:1 Zoom ratio, WD=110mm
  • Objective magnification range: 0.75x – 5x
  • 7.5x – 50x Mag range with supplied 10x/23mm WF Eyepieces
  • Pole type plain stand & Head holder
  • Coarse Focusing system with tension adjustment
  • Black/White stage plate and dust cove
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Motic SMZ171 Stereo Zoom inspection microscope

Optically enhanced & updated. Motic SMZ 171 is a welcome addition to the now well established Motic SMZ Stereo zoom series of inspection microscopes. Featuring new materials for ESD compatibility. Furthermore stands feature the latest optimised LED illumination. This stereo zoom is a versatile microscope platform for biosciences and industrial inspection applications.

Enhanced optical performance combined with the expanded accessory line. Motic microscopes SMZ 171 stereo microscope is an ideal instrument for demanding requirements in stereo microscope inspection science research. Supplied with knowledgable support from MMS Microscopes, UK Importer & distributor.

Motic Microscopes Stereo Zoom SMZ 171 BP Specification comprises:-

Vertical illuminator stereo zoom microscope

LED Vertical illuminator for Motic SMZ 171 stereo zoom microscope

Typical applications for the SMZ series include:-

  • Medical devices inspection microscope
  • Microelectronics inspection
  • PCB Inspection microscope
  • Precision plastics inspection
  • Entomology microscopy
  • Dissection microscope

Motic modular stereo zoom microscope components are available to adapt to many diverse applications.

Stereo Zoom Microscope Motic SMZ 171 Zoom Mag & WD

Stereo Zoom Microscope Motic SMZ 171 Zoom Mag & Working distance data

Standard accessories include:-

Articuculated & Boom Long Arm Stands & Focus arms

Motic Boom Stand

Motic Boom Stand

Articulated Flex Arm Stand

Articulated Flex Arm Stand


Mechanical stage for FBGG-2111-2112 stands (lowres)

An attachable x/y-stage with 76X54mm travel range (for standard bench stands with circular plate) enables a precise bidirectional movement. A rotatable insert plate is available as an option

Polarizer, Analyzer

To analyze the birefringence of transparent materials, a polarizing set-up is required. The respective polarizer for the SMZ171 is fixed on top of the light exit of the transmit- ted light stand, while the analyzer is clamped on the objective. Both polarizer and analyzer are 360° rotatable.

Darkfield insert

For Darkfield applications, a special DF insert is mounted on top of the light exit of the Transmitted light stand. The iris diaphragm allows variation of the illumination aperture according to the numerical aperture of the objective in use.

Additional information

Motic SMZ171-BP / SMZ171-TP

Motic SMZ171-BP, Motic SMZ171-TP