Veterinary sciences laboratory microscopes from MMS Microscopes

Considering a new microscope for your veterinary lab?

The options are endless, and this microscope purchase will need to last. Optical performance is essential, as is build quality & a secure extended warranty. Furthermore at an affordable price.

We will save you time and money in your search for a microscopy solution.

The microscopes we recommend offer :

  • High Resolution optical imaging with true colour reproduction
  • Latest design features – mechanically sound & robust
  • Microscope camera options with user friendly software
  • Select a  microscope package to fit your veterinary demands & budget
  • Expert microscopy & camera advice with software support

Here are 2 veterinary microscopes to consider with class leading design & compact footprint. Panthera range feature ultra contrast optical performance and robust build quality.   Motic microscopes extended warranty included for your vet lab microscope at a competitive price.

VetPath Microscope System 1
Motic Panthera E2 Vet Lab Microscope
Panthera E2 Microscope

Motic Panthera E2 with Moticam S series Microscope Camera

Motic Panthera E2 with compact footprint stand design, LED illumination, quadruple nosepiece with Plan achro 4x, 10x, 40x & 100x (Oil) UC Objectives.

VetPath Microscope System 1A
Motic Panthera E2 Binocular with 4x, 10x & 40x & 100x (Oil) objectives
  • UK List: £1128 + VAT with free UK delivery
  • EU List: €1297 with free EU delivery
  • Worldwide deliver also available at cost
VetPath Microscope System 1B
Motic Panthera E2 Trinocular with 4x, 10x, 40x & 100x (Oil) objectives
  • UK List: £1267 + VAT with free UK delivery
  • EU List: €1457 with free EU delivery
  • Worldwide delivery also available at courier cost
  • Panthera E2 Specification sheet attached below
VetPath Microscope System 2

Motic Panthera C2 Koehler Trinocular Microscope with Plan Achromatic UC PL Objectives 4x, 10x, 40x, & 100x (Oil) – Intelligent light management with coded quintuple nosepiece

  • UK List Price: £1678 + VAT with free UK delivery
  • EU List Price €1930 with free eu delivery
  • Worldwide delivery also available at courier cost
  • Panthera C2 Specification sheet attached below
          Motic Panthera C2 Microscope Includes
  • 10x/ 22mm UC-WF Eyepieces with diopter adjustment
  • Reversed coded quintuple nosepiece with Light Tracer
  • Intelligent light management / LED strip light indicator
  • Ultra contact optical coatings on all surfaces (UC)
  • Coaxial coarse & fine focusing with tension control
  • Compact mechanical stage with reckless coaxial stage control
  • Dual microscope slide holder
  • Full Koehler with Focusable Abbe Condenser N.A. 0.90 with iris diapragm
  • LED & Halogen Interchangeable Illumination modules
  • Additional objectives / phase contrast / dark field / Fluorescence component options added on request.


*Claim €170.00 / £150.00 discount for your C2 microscope + S6 or X5 / 4K camera purchase by quoting “VETCYTO” 

*Claim €130.00 / £110 discount for your E2 microscope + S6 or X5 / 4K camera purchase by quoting “VETCYTO”

  • Price / Discount Offer open until Jan 2024

Recommended camera kits for your new microscope:-

Motic Panthera C2 with X5 wi-fi camera

Motic Panthera C2 with Moticam X5 Plus view live microscope images capture direct to PC / Mac or iPad / android tablet


Camera Option C – Tucsen 4K Sony Sensor Microscopy camera

Tucsen Live 4K output to a suitable HD / 4K screen. Full 4K image view and capture without the need of a computer. Capture images to memory stick. PC / Mac Imaging software also included with tools for camera control, feature measurement, manual image stitching & EDF & more. 1x C Mount included suitable for Motic Panthera / BA series

  • 4K camera + C mount – UK List Price £995 + VAT.
  • 4K camera + C Mount – EU List Price €1144

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4K Camera Image of DOG, LYMPHOMA, 40X

4K image capture of dog sarcoma with 10x Objective on a Motic Panthera C / C2 microscope



Panthera E2 Binocular Microscope 4x,10x,40x Spec – MMS Microscopes


Panthera E2 Trinocular Microscope 4x,10x,40x & 100x (oil) Spec – MMS Microscopes


Motic Panthera C2 koehler light microscope – MMS Microscopes