Zeiss Axioscope 5 Metallurgical microscope

  • Zeiss Axioscope advanced metallurgy microscopy solutions
  • Turnkey solution for materials research and metallography
  • Reliable results thanks to advanced light management
  • Full motorisation of the motion axes for automated imaging
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Zeiss Axioscope 5 Advanced Metallurgical Microscope for Materials Science

  • Custom solutions for materials research and metallography
  • Repeatable & reliable results thanks to advanced light management
  • Full motorization options for materials automated imaging

Zeiss Axioscope is now available from MMS Microscopes. Looking for an upright light microscope with the highest level of performance for your materials laboratory?  Axioscope is the right choice if your routine inspection tasks place high demands on usability, reproducibility and automation.  Furthermore advanced optical microscopy & digital imaging capability for materials analysis and metallography.

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Zeiss axioscope modular

Zeiss axioscope modular met microscope with extended height from MMS Microscopes


Zeiss Axioscope 7 Metallurgical Microscope with Motorised Features
Zeiss Axioscope 7 Met Microscope with motorised focus & stage

Zeiss Axioscope 7 Met Microscope with motorised focus & stage