Art Restoration Microscope floor stand


  • Floor standing stereo microscope stand for art restoration
  • Large component microscopy inspection
  • Met lab stereo zoom microscopy stand
  • Engineering inspection microscope stands


Art Restoration Floor stand & Stereo Zoom Microscopes for challenging applications.
Art Restoration microscopy

Art restoration floor stand dimensions


Floor Stand Dimensions

  • Item 1 – 500mm – Traverse Boom Length
  • Item 2 – 600mm – Articulated suspension arm boom length
  • Item 3 – Approx +/- 300mm – Vertical adjustment of art suspension arm
  • Item 4 – Approx 1000m to 1650mm – Microscope mount height from floor
  • Item 5 – Up to 1100mm – Distance of stand column to tilting head axis
  • Item 6 – Up to 1255mm – Distance of stand column to optical axis of microscope
  • Item 7 – Approx 1730mm – Height of stand column (above ground)


Looking for a non standard zoom microscope stand for your inspection application?

MMS Microscopes – Specialist suppliers of inspection zoom microscope systems  Zoom microscope stands with long reach. Integrated OEM focusing arms & LED illumination systems

Typical applications include:-

  • Long reach stands – large component inspection microscopy
  • Floor stands for engineering component inspection also:-
  • Art restoration microscopy / Dental microscopy / Automotive materials lab large component applications
  • Forensic science microscopy investigations
  • Zeiss Stemi zoom optics – Optical performance & mechanical excellence from MMS Microscopes
  • Motic SMZ 171 series zoom microscope series – Quality & competitive price
  • Upgrade & Use your existing Optics / zoom microscope

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