Schott VisiLED Microscope Ringlight Segmented & Controllable illumination

Schott Stereo Microscope light / Illumination – Schott VisiLED Range with Advanced segmentation control

Schott Stereo Microscope LED Light Source VisiLED Series


Schott VisiLED Microscope Ringlight Segmented LED Ring light series :-

  • Segmented controllable LED Microscope Ringlight,
  • Darkfield Ring & Substage Transmitted LED Ring Light options
  • Suitable for Nikon SMZ1270 SMZ800N SMZ745 SMZ745T
  • Suitable for Olympus SZ51 SZ61
  • Suitable for Leica M50 M60 M80 / S9
Brightfield ringlights for high intensity incident light illumination with 80 or 40 white LEDs
  •  NEW: Ringlight S40-75 with reduced outer diameter (92mm) is the successor of the S40-55
  • With 40 advanced LED’s the light output is optimized for an extra homogenous object illumination
  • Ringlights S80-55 and S40-55 with minimum working distance of 55 mm for objectives up to magnification 1
  • Ringlight S80-25 with working distances of 25 – 50 mm for higher magnifying objective
Illumination system specially developed for stereo microscopy and macroscopy applications
  • 4 Lightheads for brightfield illumination techniques
  • 3 Brightfield ringlights for high and low brightness requirements
  • 1 Transmitted light stage for brightfield applications
Easily adaptable to microscope objectives by means of thumb screw and clamp ring
  • Homogenous illumination.
  • Best white quality: typically 5,600 K.
  • Long operating life: typically 50,000
  • By actively controlling the LED’s temperature.
  • Segments controllable in different preset modes for optimum contrasting
Highly uniform backlight illumination
  • Easy retrofit to incident light bases (Ø 84 mm / adaptors available)
  • Integrated controller for continuous dimming (0 – 100%) and separate on/off switch
  • Illuminated area: Ø 50 mm
  • Maximum luminance up to 12,000 cd/m 2
  • 1 Transmitted light stage for brightfield applications
  • 1 Transmitted light stage for transmitted darkfield
Schott VisiLED – High Quality & Functional Designed Microscope Light Source


Schott VisiLED Multifunction Controller MC1500

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