Motic Classic Education microscope series SFC 100


Motic Microscopes SFC-100FL & SFC-100FLED Light microscope for education



Motic Microscopes classic education SFC range of compound light microscopes for bioscience education. Microscopy solutions that are kind on the budget. trusted build quality & performance.

SFC Compound microscope accessories include:-

  • Achromatic objective 4X/0.10    (Supplied as Standard)
  • Achromatic objective 10X/0.25  (    ”           ”         ”      )
  • Achromatic objective 20X/0.40
  • Achromatic objective 40X/0.65/S (Supplied as Standard)
  • Achromatic objective 60X/0.85/S
  • Achromatic objective 100X/1.25/S – Oil
  • Mechanical stage MSH-009
  • Polarizing equipment B.201
  • Micrometer eyepiece WF10X/18mm, 100 divisions in 10mm and crosshair
  • Reticle with 100 divisions in 10mm and crosshair (Ø19mm)
  • Reticle holder for 18mm eyepiece

If you require a quotation for a quantity purchase for an Education Microscopy application / new lab equipment  – Please do contact MMS Microscopes

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