MMS 645 Zoom Stereo Microscope 8x – 50x (With 10x WF Eyepieces)



MMS Microscopes ZOOM 645 Zoom Stereo Microscope

We have imported and distributed this product for a number of years. Used widely within the Industrial inspection, gem setting / gemmology inspection & OEM Electronics applications. Furthermore the zoom body is Airtight, Plus Anti-Mould and Anti-electrostatic coated. Making this zoom microscope suitable for almost any operating environment.

The ZOOM 645 provides a zoom ratio of 0.8x~5x / 8x – 50x magnification with standard 10x WF Eyepieces.  The magnification range may be extended with 0.5x and 2x objective lens. The trinocular port enables a microscope camera to be attached.

Microscope Body – Standard Specification
  • Optical System – Greenough stereoscopic
  • Head Observation – Binocular, 45° inclined
  • Trinocular 45°, inclined with C adapter
  • Interpupillary Adjustment 52~76mm
  • Diopter Adjustment ±5°
  • Zoom ratio Zoom645 1:6.3
  • Magnification Range 0.8X~5X
  • Objective 1X
  • Working Distance 115mm (1x Objective)
  • Eyepiece WF10X/F.N.22
  • Field of View 27.5~4.4mm
  • Optional Magnification Range – 4X~200X
Zoom 645 stereo microscope components
  • Auxilary Objectives – 0.5X, WD = 211mm
  • Auxilary Objectives  – 2X, WD = 43.5mm
  • Eyepiece Options – WF15X/F.N.16, WF20X/F.N.12.5
  • Field of View – 2.2~55mm
  • Boom & Flex Arm Stands
  • OEM Focus Arm’s for Wire Bonder / Pull Tester & Other Applications
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Boom Stand for SMZ 645

Long Arm Boom Stand