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Forensic science microscopy solutions from MMS Microscopes
Stereo Zoom Microscopes
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Microscope light sources
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Forensic sciences microscopes for evidence investigation, image documentation, evidence comparison and report.


Contact MMS Microscopes with your application requirements – We have many years experience in providing microscopy imaging & comparison solutions to Police forensic science departments

Motic Microscopes Forensics Stereo Microscope SMZ 171

Motic Microscopes Stereo Microscope SMZ 171

Forensics stereo microscope with flex stand

Articulated Flex Arm Boom Stand for Stereo Zoom Microscope 32 diameter pole

Motic Panthera Microscope for Forensic Science

Motic Panthera Microscope with Light Tracer & dual slide holder

Microscope light source for Forensic microscopy

SCHOTT KL2500 LED with double gooseneck light guides Microscope light source for Forensic microscopy