High Magnification Microscopy Solutions for Materials Lab Failure Analysis & Quality Control
  • Materials microscope for large components
  • Materials laboratory, Quality Control & Failure Analysis
  • Extended height compound microscope

MMS Microscopes range of extendable Metallurgical microscope heads may offer a solution. With long reach column stands and adaptable custom stage options.

Take for example the Motic BA310 Met-H Met system.  Microscope optics and incident epi illuminator mounted on a pole stand. Supplied with a sturdy and smooth coarse / fine focusing mechanism.  Optical performance in bright-field is impressive, Darkfield illumination may be simulated with the addition of a good quality light source. Long reach met microscopes can be expensive & out of reach of many budgets. Good news! This one is affordable.

MMS Microscopes have recently installed an extended pole type BA310-MET-H system. Customised for print head nozzle inspection with digital imaging capability.  Moticam 1080 HD provides digital 8.0 megapixel image capture, video capture & image comparison. Operator friendly system with live Full HD viewing. High resolution microscope image capture to SD card + video recording of inspection process. Moticam 1080 HD package also includes full microscopy imaging software for view, capture & feature measure on a PC or Mac.

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Large sample met microscope inspection

Motic BA310 Met H – MMS Installation with extended height for large met sample inspection

Looking for a quality optical microscope with optical & mechanical performance?

Zeiss materials lab microscopes are now available direct from MMS Microscopes. With Zeiss digital imaging & analysis solutions, motorised stages for large imaging stitching & Z focus image stitching. Modular column met stands with a wide choice of components, mechanical microscope stages. Motorsied & manual microscopy solutions.

Zeiss axioscope modular

Zeiss axioscope modular met microscope with extended height from MMS Microscopes

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