Choosing the Laboratory Microscope that meets your requirements can be quite bewildering. The choice of a robust reliable microscope, that fits within budget, for your daily lab microscopy tasks.

With space at a premium, it is important to select a good quality microscope   with a compact stable footprint that performs. Please do contact MMS Microscopes. We are here to offer free advice and support.

Here is a brief introduction to some of the lab microscope options currently available.

Motic BA210 / BA 310 Lab Microscope Series

Motic Microscopes BA 210 is a no frills lab microscope with fixed aperture – supplied as standard with a factory extended warranty of 5 years on any natural breakdown of mechanical & optical parts.

The Motic Microscopes BA 310 series with Koehler illumination more suited to those with a more traditional approach to microscopy.  Both  models will accept a digital microscope camera – Moticam range. 

Motic BA210 & BA310 series are also available as Digital Microscopes with integrated digital microscope camera. Supplied with Motic 3.0 Images software for Windows or Mac Users. Motic images 3.0 provides full camera control, image capture and a wide range of feature measurement tools.

The Motic BA210 & BA310 are compact in design with excellent optical & mechanical performance backed up by an extended warranty. Suitable for Biology / Bioscience Education, Laboratory & Veterinary microscopy, supplied and supported by MMS Microscopes UK Motic importer.

Motic Panthera range with smart coded illumination

Please consider the recent introduction of Motic Panthera range of lab microscopes. For a relatively small additional cost you will benefit from intelligent coded nosepiece that memorises light intensity settings between objective changes. The improved optical design & performance of Panthera Objectives + microscope stage redesign are additional benefits.

Panthera L Digital Laboratory Smart Lab Microscope

Top of the range Motic Panthera L digital lab microscope offers a smart imaging device with live Full High Definition output direct from the microscope. Panthera L’s quintuple nosepiece is coded for light intensity and calibration settings. If feature measurement and image capture is a high priority call us to discuss the application.  Wi-Fi out to a tablet or smart phone is also available. QR coded for fast simple connection + a 5GB Internal storage.

MMS Microscopes will be pleased to advise on the best solution available. With installation & training support within a competitively price package.

Motic Panthera L Digital Lab Microscope

Motic Panthera L Digital Laboratory Microscope

Motic Laboratory microscope BA310 with Moticam X Wi Fi microscope camera & tablet

Motic Laboratory microscope BA310 with Moticam X Wi Fi microscope camera & tablet