Forensic Microscopes for evidence identification & image documentation

MMS Microscopes Importers & supportive reseller of forensic microscope solutions.

Stereo zoom microscopes with long reach stands and focus arms. All our products offer excellent optical performance & value. Spread new light on your investigation with Fibre optic microscope light sources . With a choice of  swan-neck / goose neck & flexible light guides. Fibre ring light with polarising & darkfield attachments.

Update your forensic microscopy lab with bright energy efficient LED illumination.

Scenes of crime sample investigations that require a higher magnification range for micro biology or soil analysis with a compound biological microscope.

MMS Microscopes offer an extensive range of microscope camera kits to document & compare the forensic evidence.

Motic Trace forensics software or side by side image feature comparison.

Comparison microscopes for ballistics and scenes of crime contaminates comparison.

Please contact MMS Microscopes with your comparison microscope application details